A Glint of Darkness – Final Product

Dear readers, I have updated all the chapters of my novella (A Glint Of Darkness). Below are the links to each chapter and the plot and chapter outlines. Enjoy! 😀


Of Wildflowers

Pictures (unedited) taken with a Nikon D5000 -All of these were taken in North Carolina in the spring- -There was a big patch of these little guys but the wind made it hard to get a good picture- Copyright© of Shiphrah H. Compere. All rights reserved.

Help! – Finding Inspiration

Help! A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Effective Design Many places and objects provide inspiration for art. Designers may find interesting combinations of colors and textures in another’s creation. Often when I am creating art and I get artist’s block, similar to writer’s block, I find it helpful to grab someone else’s art and just look … Continue reading Help! – Finding Inspiration

Help! – Traits of a Successful Designer

Help! A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Effective Design Being a creative designer require a few character traits that help to boost success. A very important one is courage. Without courage to try new approaches and styles of design, an artist easily stagnates and attains no improvement in skill. When starting a new project, a designer … Continue reading Help! – Traits of a Successful Designer